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Canadian Classifieds Alerter – How to customize and configure to your liking – Rundown of the app settings

The Canadian Classifieds Alerter app is ready to go out of the box, however you may want to fine-tune the settings or temporarily disable the service.

Settings are available on the main page, click the top right button

Settings location

There is two different sections, “Notifications” and “Data and Sync”



Let’s go through each section and I’ll explain the settings to you



#1 – Service Enabled: Want to disable the service for a while? Turn this switch off. When you’re ready to re-enable it, flick the switch back on.


#2 – Ringtone: Change the ringtone to something specific so you know it’s a Classifieds Alert if you want.
#3 – Vibrate: Turn Vibration on or off


Data & Sync

Data & Sync

#1 – Sync Frequency on WiFi: How often do you want to perform checks while on WiFi? For battery considerations, you may want to set this higher. You can set it as frequently as one minute, but I highly recommend that you don’t for two reasons:

  1. Kijiji’s servers aren’t going to like being bothered that much.
  2. If you have more than 10 alerts, your phone won’t like it. As soon as it’s done doing one round of checks, it will be time to do another.

#2 – Sync Frequency on mobile: How often do you want to perform checks while on your mobile data? Each alert uses 60 KB (0.06 MB) of data everytime you do a check. If you check every 15 minutes, have 5 alerts and you’re on your mobile data two hours a day, you would use 480 KBs of data (0.5 MB or 0.0005 gigabytes) every single day. If you have a great data plan, you can definitely get away with setting this more frequently.

#3 – Check for new ads only on wifi: If you have a terrible data plan (I do too, nothing to ashamed of) and just don’t want to use your data at all, you can turn off checking while on data. Once you connect to WiFi again, the service will turn back on.


These are all the settings! Now download the app if you haven’t already!