How Big Can I Get? Muscle Mass Calculator – iOS/iPhone version

Date of completion: 19.11.2016

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Have you ever wondered how big you can get naturally? Without steroids?
“How big can I get?” takes your height, wrist and ankle measurements and lets you know just how big and lean you can get.

-Max measurements are calculated based on 8 – 10% body fat
-Lean body mass is calculated based on your desired body fat

What does “How big can I get?” get measurements based off of? They are based off of elite bodybuilders before the use of steroids. Bodybuilders like Reg Park, John Grimek, and Steve Reeves who did not have access to steroids.

There is a relationship between the size of your joints and how tall you are that determine your lean mass and measurements. How big can I get? uses these formulas to determine if a bodybuilder or athlete is using steroids. Using How big can I get? and FFMI is a great way to determine your genetic potential.

How big can I get? figures out the maximum size of your biceps, calves, chest, thighs, neck and forearms in less than 30 seconds.