Canadian Classifieds Alerter – iOS (iPhone) App – Instant Kijiji Alerts

Date of completion: 30.03.2017

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Be the first to know when someone posts what you want on Kijiji!

Browse by category, location, price range and enter search terms… and next time someone posts an item that fits your criteria, you will be notified instantly! You will never have to post a wanted ad ever again.

This application works much faster than the Kijiji Daily Alerts. It has the option to check for new ads as often as every minute. Daily Alerts are only sent out once a day, and sometimes they never get sent at all… Never let that deal escape your grasps again!

This is a must have application for anyone looking to snipe a deal from other buyers. Give yourself the advantage and be instantly notified when an iPhone, MacBook or anything you need is posted. This means you’ll never have to sit at your browser pressing refresh every two seconds.

Is there a feature you want/need? Please email me and I will add it. I’m a very active developer and can roll out an update almost immediately.

This application has been tested down to iOS 10.0! It should work on an iPhone 5 and up.