Newest Beta of Canadian Classifieds Alerter

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR iPhone users when the next release goes:

For free users, I will be clearing out the entire database and starting it from scratch. Your alerts will not be carried over! You will need to re-add your current alerts in the beta and as well when it hits production! The reason for this is because of a previous bug with apple’s device token feedback service. The app is currently checking alerts for users who have deleted the app. This has been fixed in the new version, but was never an issue on the Android version. This will make the app faster for all users

The current interface was designed in 2015 when I was younger and less experienced. It was dated by 2015 standards, let alone 2022 standards! It has now been updated.

Also, some news on Facebook marketplace alerts down below!


See, there’s facebook!

What’s new?

  • Interface is way more responsive and now gesture based (Swipe to reveal actions for alerts, swipe items to delete)
  • Alerts and items are now combined into the same page!
  • Items under alerts are collapsible
  • Visual aids to show when an alert has unread items.
  • Refresh now shows when the page is refreshing
  • Crash when adding manual alerts fixed (Replaced web view mode with copy paste alert)
  • Hook for third party services added (Add your own service!)

Things to know when trying the beta release out

If you’re a pro feature user, please only install this on a spare device! Although I’ve done extensive testing, I can’t guarantee 100% reliability if you use this application to make money and miss out on a deal!

I will pick random devices to try out pro features. You could get lucky 😉

When’s facebook marketplace coming??? Details please!

What will it require?

  • Your own PC running 24/7
  • A subscription to Canadian Classifieds Alerter that allows third party API plugins (See Pro features plan page!)

How will it work?

You will need to let a program run on your personal PC then send the found items to my server which then gets sent to your phone. Your facebook credentials will need to be entered into the program.

When will it be available?

After the most recent beta rollout goes smoothly. I expect February 2022.

Please email me or comment below if you have any questions 🙂

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