Canadian Classifieds Alerter for iOS usage update

Effective right now, I will be extending the frequency of checks from the five-ish minutes that users experience now to 12-ish minutes. You will still have your six standard alerts.

I will be offering a pro service to get 45 second checks AND extend the amount of alerts you’re allowed to have to 15 for $65 a month. Please contact me for this service!

Other not as fast but maybe just as good for you plans are:

$40 for every two minutes

$20 for every five

The people interested in this service will be people who make a lot of money off Kijiji, I realize it’s not for everyone.

Why? Are you selling out?

Sort of.

But hear me out… how much money do you think this app makes a month in ad revenue?

$150? $100?

Five bucks.

I make five bucks a month.

This app took 5 months to make as I had to learn how to program for iOS, and I get five bucks a month to show for it.

Weak as shit ad revenue

What are my costs associated with this app?

-Annual Apple Developer Program ($120 a year)

-Power to run my server ($15 a month)

-Cost to build my server ($550)

Not including server upkeep and the initial cost of building the server, it costs me $25 a month to run this service.

I lose money every month by providing this service.


Do you have any other good news?

  • If this service takes off, I will be removing ads from the app completely.
  • I will more inclined to add new features if the app is making money every month.



Thanks for reading everyone 🙂

1 comment for “Canadian Classifieds Alerter for iOS usage update

  1. Alex Stojkovic
    September 27, 2017 at 7:19 am


    I own something called dealfinder… google me. I’m always looking to grow my passive revenue and think I could do just that with your app.

    I want to partner up with you and curious if you’re loooking for any silent partners.

    Email me if interested…

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