My name is Evan Parsons, and I am a computer programmer and computer parts dealer on eBay. On this site, you will have samples of my work in the many fields I take part in

  • WordPress development (themes, plugins, etc)
  • GIS Application development
  • .NET development (Web applications, WinForms and WPF)
  • Android development
  • The eBay seller experience
  • Laptop/Desktop hardware repair
  • Windows form applications
  • Video editing (Adobe Premiere CS6)

This is my slice of internet I am going to use to promote my work. It sounds selfish, but I promise you, you will find it interesting.

How did I get started?

I started out in elementary school, with a 486dx powered Windows 3.11 machine using a “Create your own video game!” software. It was basic software that taught me the essentials of programming, with variables and event handling. It sparked my interest. In high school,  I learned basic HTML and Javascript. Then I took a programming class and learned the ancient ways of Turbo PASCAL. I enjoyed programming enough to decide to make it a living

Where did you go to school?

NSCC in Truro, Web Development concentration. I took several hardware courses as well. That’s the great thing about NSCC, they make you get a feel for all aspects of IT.

Where can I see some of your work?

Right here. This is obviously not all of it, most of it can’t be posted since it was made while I was under contract.

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